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Flex Remedial Massage Therapy

LOCATION- 40 Wharf Street, Kangaroo Point QLD

FLEX Remedial was established to help people by alleviating pain and tension while assisting in reducing individual stress levels. We are here to listen, assess and treat your specific muscular and structural complaints you may have.
We have a variety of treatments available to suit your personal needs.
These include;

· Express massage (20 minutes) – For those individuals who are pressed for time and need a quick and effective treatment to get them through their day.

· Relaxation massage – Utilising soft tissue massage techniques, a relaxation treatment will provide stress relief and aid in releasing muscle tension and fatigue.

· Remedial massage – This is the most diverse treatment we can offer as it incorporates deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and a wide range
of muscle energy techniques.

· Sports massage – Designed for active people who need a rejuvenating treatment that will enhance muscle recovery and performance.

· Dry needling – This treatment will incorporate some remedial aspects with the inclusion of dry needling therapy, which provides a deeper release that trigger points alone can’t achieve.
Massage Room LOCATION- 40 Wharf St, Kangaroo Point QLD Message or Email for Mobile Service.Price will differ with location and time.
Pricing · Express - 20min - $25

· Relaxation / Remedial / Sport - 30min - $45
· Relaxation / Remedial / Sport - 45min - $55
· Relaxation / Remedial / Sport - 60min - $75
· Relaxation / Remedial / Sport -90min- $105

· Dry Needling - 30min - $50
· Dry Needling - 45min - $60
· Dry Needling - 60min - $80
· Dry Needling - 90min - $110
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Flex Remedial Massage Therapy

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