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Lisa Welsh Esoteric Massage & Healing
Come enjoy a totally relaxing, re-connecting healing and massage experience. Get to know "you"!

Beautiful cozy quiet room. Escape for an hour or two of pure relaxation.
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4 Gladesville Street
Kenmore QLD 4069
mobile 0414 288 169
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Remedial Massage Therapy
Remedial massage uses a combination of trigger point therapy, cross fibre work and deep tissue therapy to focus on an area where there is an injury, trauma, or an ongoing problem to relieve discomfort and to encourage the body to heal and return to equilibrium. This is usually a firm massage and can be limited to a specific area.

Esoteric Massage/Relaxation Massage
Esoteric Massage focuses on the flow of energy to the muscles and joints helping to restore true movement of the body. Using specific oils and creams, this gentle massage allows the release of tension, stiffness and stress, leaving the body feeling nurtured and rested.

Esoteric Healing
Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands-on healing technique that allows the body to clear emotional energy and re-connect to the inner-heart. The healings are a great way to recognise how we are living and how our choices are reflected in our body. It encourages us to observe and not absorb life.

Energetic Facial Release
There are many stresses in today’s society that impact our bodies. These emotions are experienced and expressed through our face. Energetic facial release is a gentle face massage that releases this tension, leaving the body feeling relaxed and nurtured. It can be beneficial for releasing tension, stress headaches, jaw pain, grinding teeth, clenching jaw, tight jaw.
About Lisa Qualifications & Experience
Lisa has been involved with complimentary health modalities for the past 30 years. This includes 20 years experience as a remedial massage therapist. She has also been an Esoteric Practitioner, incorporating this healing technique into her work, for the last 10 years.
Lisa has a number of clients who have been with her for 20 years.

Working Together
Lisa has an extensive network of professionals that she refers to if she feels you are able to benefit. They include chiropractors, naturopaths, gps, osteopaths and also a physiotherapist who specialises in working to remove the problem of oedema in women who have suffered with breast cancer. In turn, these health professionals also send their clients to see Lisa when they feel that her treatments will benefit them.
More info http://esoterichealingmassage.com.au/
Prices 30 minute session - $65 45 minute session - $80
60 minute session - $95
90 minute session -$135

HEALTH FUND REBATES MAY APPLY depending on your health fund coverage.
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