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newLife centre for Women
A one-stop health clinic for Women's Health and Wellbeing, dedicated to assist and empower women with information, self-management, health and prevention.
Clinic location & contacts our Location
Suite 10, Level 8, The Dymocks Building
428 George st, Sydney NSW 2000.

opening Hours
monday - friday: 9am - 6pm
saturday: 8 am - noon
sunday: Closed

contact Us
phone: (02) 9223 1882 after hours: 0450 123 444
email: info@newlifecentreforwomen.com.au
Our services

Acupuncture is based upon thousands of years of Chinese Medicine practice. It offers a drug-freeway to take care of a variety of health concerns and it can efficiently tackle a wide range of conditions affecting both general and reproductive health.

Acupuncture Treatments Available:
- Initial Consultation (60MIN)
- Follow Up Consultation (30MIN)
- Trying To Conceive Naturally Acupuncture Treatments

acuIVF - IVF Acupuncture treatments available Mon-Sat.
- Acupuncture Treatments in adjunct with IVF journey.
- Pre and Post Embryo Transfer Acupuncture Treatments
- Post Egg Collection Treatment
- 2 Week Wait ( 2WW) Acupuncture Treatment
- Pregnancy Acupuncture

Massage can help improve your sleep, reduce pain, stress and anxiety. Make Massage a regular part of your well-being routine and be happy.

Kinds of Massage Treatments Available:

Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine, using essential oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being.Aromatherapy is incredibly powerful, to promote calmness, relaxation and emotional well-being.
Remedial is the most common type of massage therapy and can boost the immune and nervous systems.

Sports & Deep Tissue massage

A massage best for giving attention to stiff, painful trouble spots. Also focused on improving sports performance, enhancing range, and motion post injuries. Sports and Deep Tissue massage is suitable for both athletes and wide variety of people who wish to prevent or recover from a soft tissue injury.

Fertility Massage
One of our most popular treatments to help boost fertility.
A Fertility massage can help the liver in ridding the body of toxins and excess hormones, increase blood flow to the reproductive area, reduce stress and anxiety commonly associated when trying to conceive and prepares the body for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage aims to increase flexibility, relaxation, pain relief, improves the outcome of labour and eases labour pain. After just a couple of sessions by our experienced and certified massage therapist, women often feel physically and emotionally more resilient.

Diet & Nutrition Consultations
Our team of Senior Dietitians are all Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) and Accredited Nutritionists (ANs) this means they are nationally accredited and have the qualifications and skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. They are recognised providers for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Health Insurance Commission (Medicare Australia).

Diet & Nutritional Consultations:

Initial Consultation (60min)
Follow up Consultation (30-45min)

Diet & Nutritional Packages
Personal Trainer & Nutrition for Weight Management
Acupuncture & Nutrition for fertility
Pre- and post- mastectomy + Nutrition for pre-surgery optimal nutrition and post-surgery recovery
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