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Sydney Chiropractic Care
Sydney Chiroractic Care

We have the expertise you can trust to find the cause of pain of many problems...and correct it.

Feeling less than your best?
Suffering neck pain or lower back pain?
Getting neck ache, back ache or stiffness?
Experiencing headaches?

Want to see how we can help!
Our Sydney CBD Clinic Sydney Chiropractic Care
Telephone: 9222 9997

Level 5, 72 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000
Bookings Going to the Chiropractor could be a new experience for you. Whether you heard through a friend or have done some research online we are here to help. In either case, your first visit to the chiropractor will be about finding the solution that helps you.

We will perform a physical examination and take the appropriate x-rays to see what is causing the condition. You will get to review your results of the examination findings with your chiropractor. We can then come up with a care plan suitable to help you reach your health goals.

Assurances for you
All of our fees are within (or below) the industry standard recommended schedule of fee. So you are not paying higher fees just because we are a city location.

We have highly skilled and experienced chiropractors that have been caring for people for many years. Our chiropractors are very loved by their clients.

Start-up services and fees:
Initial Consultation & Spinal Examination (30-40 mins) = $110
X-rays (Normally = $200) Free when bulk billed to Medicare. Done on-site.
Measurement and Analysis of X-rays = $100
Chiropractic report of findings to show you = $80

After the required start-up services a normal visit is:
Spinal adjustment (All segments needed for the visit) = only $75

We have HICAPS available (on the spot claiming)

All practitioners are registered with the Health Insurance Commission so that you may get your insurance rebates if you have cover.

For ongoing care, we also have care packages that reduce the overall cost; so that people with difficult or longstanding problems can easily get the level of care they want to solve the problems.
More info http://www.sydneychirocare.com.au/
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